Magazine Submission

Be a Part of Litterbrush magazine!

I'm excited to invite you to contribute your talent and knowledge to Litterbrush magazine to inspire other creative journalist.

Below is an overview of what Litterbrush magazine is and is not so that you can learn what this magazine strives to become and so you can understand how you can contribute to its success.




  • A print-on-demand book that you can order through my website, that is printed by

  • Try to release the magazine quarterly, so 4 months throughout the year.

  • Available in a printed physical book AND as a digital downloadable PDF.

  • A resource that is very user friendly for the every-day journal artist - catering to the beginner, intermediate and proficient journalist.

  • GOBS of background papers, ephemera, images, prompts, collage sheets, tags, and all kinds of goodies to use in your own work.

  • Images that will be used at 300 dpi for quality.

  • I, as the creator and editor, use my own discretion to include any outside resources, tools, links, shops, or YouTube videos/channels (you can always contact me for suggestions).

  • Contain one Artist Spotlight, one Article about journal/art knowledge and one Tutorial How-to.

  • You DO NOT have to be a well known artist or have a website or even have a store to submit to Litterbrush magazine. 


  • No fold outs, or tucks or secret flaps - it is impossible with a print-on-demand!

  • No crafts or things not related to journaling.

  • An Etsy store catalog of shops.

Just download and save to your computer. Fill it out and submit it to